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We make it simple.

You're in charge of selling. We take care of storage, order processing and fast delivery to your customer.

Why choose Gorilla Warehouse?

● Simpler operations: You don't have to run your own warehouse or hire staff. No superstructure – this is the future.
●Excellent service: Same-day delivery of orders
● Better prices for shipping and fastest distribution in Iceland
● Costs are predictable and no hidden fees
● Product hosting, delivery and distribution – all in safe hands in one place. Only one invoice at the end of the month

We recommend booking an introductory meeting below. Let's get to know each other and get a realistic offer.

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How much does the service cost?

We understand that no two companies are alike. Therefore, offers are tailored by type of store, scope and etc.
This tablet will help you to understand what to expect. Details here.

Service Payment unit Reference costs
Fee per day
Small compartment 45kr/day, Picking pallet 203kr/day, Long term storage 171kr/day.
Pick & Pack
Charge per order
From 280kr per order.
Fee per receipt
From 250kr per item number, from 1300kr per pallet.
Fee per shipment
Shipping costs depend on the route of distribution, postal code, weight, and size of shipment.

The minimum service fee is 35.000 ISK per month.