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Warehouse that
solves problems

100+ Icelandic and international companies trust us
for its warehousing, delivery and distribution

Your Partner in Iceland

1. Storage & security

We receive your shipments and store inventory in our secure warehouse.

2. Pick & Pack

Same day pick and pack for Ecommerce and B2B orders.

3. Light speed delivery

The fastest last mile delivery in Iceland, to individuals and B2B.

Welcome to the future!


With flexible storage, we simplify your business. You get unlimited storage space, but only pay for what space you use at any given time.

Pick & Pack

Same day processing for all orders! Pick, pack, ship and deliver 🔥

Last mile Delivery

We offer the fastest distribution channels in Iceland and guarantee that you will get a lower price.

Easy & Reliable

Storage, order processing and distribution – all in one place and only one invoice at the end of the month.

We help businesses grow

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